WinternSnow Goggles

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This extraordinarily lightweight apparatus is frameless by design, utilizing a polycarbonate toric lens for its structure as well as providing the exceptional peripheral and vertical field of vision. Contrary to set standards the molded tri-density face foam provides previously unimaginable wicking and comfort, suitable for a medium to large head and can be worn with or without a helmet. Defy tradition and be a nonconformist in this abnormally awesome goggle/sunglass hybrid.

• Extreme light weight frameless design.
• Dual polycarbonate toric lens. 100% UV protection.
• Uber maximum peripheral vision.
• Forward venting for maximum air flow.
• Polar fleece triple density molded face foam.
• Glaricade anti-fog and hard coated lens.
• Molded polyurethane nose guard.
• Lightweight dual adjustable strap. Helmet compatible.
• Dual sleeve microfiber bag.